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Classes are taught in 8 week series. We do welcome drop-ins, but we understand how important it is as beginner students to go through an entire series to learn the basics and fundamentals of the class. We encourage our students to commit to 8 weeks, pay for the entire series and join a class that they can learn and grow with.

Eight week session is $85, drop-in price is $15 per class. Restorative yoga is $15 at the door.

 Classes we offer

Restorative Yoga: Relax your body and mind with props and guided meditations. Restorative yoga is focused on being rather doing. It is a form of yoga that emphasizes relaxation using bolsters, blocks, and blankets around and under your body to allow you to completely "let go." This form of yoga is beneficial for decreasing mental stress and anxiety and also increases blood flow to the vital organs. 
Classes are taught by:
Cheri Brown, DC and Kim Smith, MA

Yin Yoga: Yin Yoga targets the connective tissue (fascia) that attaches the skin, to the muscles, to the tendon/ligaments, bones, nervous system and cardiovascular system.  Yin is a gentle and slow paced style of yoga practice that emphasizes holding certain asana poses for a longer period of time with the aim of cultivating inner awareness of self. This class is taught by Jaime Verlee, RN, Owner, CEO & Founder at Inner Radiance- Holistic Life Coaching.
Mindful Moving Meditation:  This class is a blend of traditional short form Tai Chi and the ancient Chinese healing practice of Qigong. As you practice Tai Chi, you are taking time for self care and learning how to reduce stress and heal your body. This class is being taught by Jaime Verlee, RN, Owner, CEO & Founder at Inner Radiance- Holistic Life Coaching.

Classes at MTB appeal to both beginners and experienced yogis alike. Please check our calendar for current offerings.